martes, 29 de octubre de 2013



(People dancing in a great party)

-Yeah, this is a great party ( punchis, punchis)
- We have to tell some scary stories...buuuuuuuu
-Oh! I'm really brave, so that's really boring!!
- What about you José?
-mmmmmm. I'm going to tell you about THE WEEPING WOMAN!
-Once upon a time, in a small mexican village, was a beautiful woman called Maria.
-Oh yes, I know that she got marry with a handsome man.
- Oh, that's not scary!
-Wait and listen!
-Ok, tell us more...
-Maria was really in love, but her husband was a bad man!
-They had two children, but suddenly he knew another pretty woman, and he abandoned his family..
-Please don't leave me! I love you!
-Daddy, daddy! Where are you going? Please stay with us!
-I'm sorry , I have to go with my new wife!
-Oh, that so sad!
-and what happened then?
-Yes tell us!
María was really sad, and for a moment she got crazy!! (Aaaahhhhh) she took her children to the river and..... You know! She killed them! And when she realized what she was done, she killed herself to.

Then she turnes in an awful ghost that every night screams .... Aaaayyyy mis hijooooss! Donde estan mis hijoooos?!

-And that's  the mexican story of the WEEPING WOMAN!