miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011


The spirit behind this holiday is to thank god for all the goodness around us as the pilgrims did when they celebrated the first Thanksgiving day.

In this project we will see a video about the journey the pilgrims made and the challenges they had to face when they arrived to their new home. After seeing it we will write our toughts using the next frame:

If I were a pilgrim celebrating the first Thanksgiving day I would say thanks for... Now I want to say thanks for...

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  1. Ir i were a pilgrim celebrating the first thankgiving day. I would say thanks for the godo Guat. Gave us dios to my mom that. Hive me life.

    Noé i want say thanks for miss mayús that she can vive me a acholo that is ver y beatiful an has ipads AND let my mom work in this school


  2. If i was a pilgrim i will say thankyou to the indians because they show us how to do the food and thank god. Now i want to thank my friends for respect me and be good with me,also selena Gómez because she may be happy .

  3. If i were pilgim i will be thankful with the indians because they resive us and accept. I am thankful with victoria justice because she make me happy.


  4. If i were a pilgrim that celebrare the first thanksgiving i were saying thanks for my life in all the world and for the food and now i say thank you equal for food and life
    Rodrigo Magaña

  5. If i así for sorviv in cold
    I thanqks for money An food and be healthy

  6. Thens for the foot animals and tiachins

    Ifencio for my mom for eat for good and love

  7. If i be a poltrón ill be thanful for the home the indians give and the teachings of agriculture

    I am thankful of Miranda that males me discovered the music and with all my family

  8. Thanks of you brought. Me good and now guano for my sister to play with me thanks

  9. If I were a pilgrim I cojos say thanks to the pilgrims for help me.

    I say thanks for be in this life because is perfect.


  10. Thanks for having a school to go and for my family.


  11. I think this blog is perfect. Maybe kids are not expressing exactly what they learnt, but at the moment they are writing, they notice what giving thanks means.

  12. Hello friends!

    I really like your writing frame and think you are doing a great job writing in English! Thanksgiving is a very special holiday in the United States when we give thanks for our many blessings.


    Mrs. Deyamport
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi (USA)