martes, 4 de abril de 2017

The fisherman and his wife

The story is beautiful because is very happy .
The story is about a fisherman a magical fish.
And the fish granted wished to the fisherman and his wife.
The fisherman is asked his wife in disbelief what she wanted.
What does she wanted? 
She wants a nicer house to live in explained the fisherman.
The fish swam to the surface. 
She wishes to be just like god. 
And the sea had returned to a placid blue. 
Life was back to normal.
I relate the story with the mantra:I love everything  I do. 
I like the fisherman because he was happy at the end.
Bibliography: Borgenicht, David, Grimm's fairly tales, the fisherman and his wife, page 21 ed. courage books 1997 
Andrea Pilar Aguilar Tableros.

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