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Halloween traditions

For this project we will find out:

1.- Which are the Halloween traditions of the next countries: Australia, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Vietnam.

2.- We will make an information card of each country and will upload photos to share our work.

3.- Now that we know about different traditions you can tell what you think about them. Which traditions you like? Which ones you don't like? Do you think is important to respect all the different traditions? Why?

4.- For HOMEWORK: Talk to your parents and other adults that you know. Ask them the next questions: Did they celebrate halloween when they where kids? Why or Why not? How did you celebrate it? Did you celabrate other festivities (Day of the death or All Saints Day)as a kid?

5.- Post the answers using the next structure: After talking with.... (my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my grandfather, etc.) I learned that....

6.- We will be searching for information about Halloween:

In which country was Halloween invented? Why was Halloween celebrated originally?, Why do we use costumes and go trick or treating in Halloween?

7.-We will make visual aids to explain secon grades the traditions of Halloween.

8.-We will explain second graders the traditions of Halloween.

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  1. I like halloween for the candys

    Not like the persons not gits candys

    Buth all the person have a tradition

  2. 1.- I like almost all like:
    The custumes ,Ask for Treak or treat and play.

    2.- But i don't like the
    Finish of Halloween.

    3.-because we all are different

  3. 1i like hong kong,japan,portugal,mexico,germay,france and irland

    2 i don't like Czechoslovakia,poland,italy.

  4. 1. I like so much because i ask for candis and the costums

    2.i don't like eny halloween's movie

    3. Is important to respect the traditions if you don't respect they traditions they don't repect your traditions

  5. I like Halloween because the costumes and the trak or treat

    and i don't like because the jokes and they scare you

    Is inportant to respect the other traditons of the other countrys because we jet use to that tradition

  6. 1. To go to treat or teack
    2.the costume of pumking
    3. The tradicion

  7. You have to respect the it ETS because they Will be often.


  8. I love to go to the other houses and said treak or treat ,idont like the pumpkin dessert
    Because if we dont respect there traditions they will not respect ours

  9. I like jokes

    I don't like anything more

    They will respct yogur traditions

    Rodrigo magaña

  10. i like hong kong traditions because are very funny and Also Mexico traditions. I dont like poland and Czechoslovakia traditions.
    Is important to respect other traditions because is other country.

  11. I like the halloween traditions when you ask for candies
    The halloween traditions. That i don't like are the ones that make bad jokes
    Is important to respect the other traditions because the people belive diferent things that you .


  12. I like with candis and funi
    I dont like with joke
    With respe my tradición

  13. I have learn that you like some traditions as Czechoslovakia traditions, can you tell us more about it?

  14. Yes and my mom. Celebrate Halloween gong yo traet or treck. And whith coustume

  15. After talking with my mom I learned that she didn´t celebrate Halloween but Dead day such as my daddy because my grandparents are religious and believe in this traditions.

    What I usually do is to wear a custome, to play trick or treat, to ornament the house and on November 1st-2nd we place the offering for our dead relatives such as my sister Lorena.

  16. After I talked with my mom and dad I learned that they celebrated Halloween.

    They celebrated halloween dressed and maked treak or treat,they putted a box of shoes and make it like a pumpkin.

    Yes we celibate almost all the festivities all except San Patrick´s Day.

  17. yes my dad celebrate halloween when did he is kid

    my dad celebrete holloween to collet candys

  18. 1-yes my father celebrate halloween where he was kid
    2-pay candys and put it costumes to where he was kid

  19. yes my father celebrate it
    my father celebrate halloween saying truck or treat and they give to he candys and money
    yes we celebrate all the festivities like halloween or christmas
    i learn that we celebrate all the festivities and we celebrate different like other countries

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  24. Halloween originally in englan and untated states.Halloween is originally in england.because to símbole of thriller.because is the celebration of pay candys.

  25. Halloween origina
    1 the celtics invented Halloween in1904
    2 it origins lié in the aintcient celitic and roman festival
    3 custumes atributted to the saints
    4 theydon't cuallify oír custumes and theydon't gave us candys or money

  26. in the country of united states was invented Halloween.

    Because was a popular celebration on the world.

    To celebrate Halloween and for the Tradition

    To ask for candies or to do jokes.


  27. 1 celtics
    2 the oring lié in the acient celtic and Román festival
    3 custumes atributted to Halloween to remembr all the saint
    4they gave us candys


  28. In the United dates was inveted halloween
    Day of the dead
    Its for you see terorific
    Its a tradition

  29. It was invented in irland , was original celebrated because of the god of the rain,we wear custumes because of the ghosts do not kilo us and we were treak or treat because was funny.

  30. Halloween was orijinally in irland Halloween originally celebrate because of the god. We seré costumes for the spirits dont eta us
    We así for candies because is fu ny and treating

  31. Sra. Nelson - I wasn't able to figure out the best place to post on your blog, but you can share this with your students!
    I lived in the Marshall Islands for a year. During Halloween, the kids would go trick-or-treating. But instead of saying "trick or treat," they would sing these words to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down"
    Happy, happy Halloween
    Happy, happy Halloween
    We Want Candy! (or - Give Us Candy!)
    19 oct, 2011
    Srta. CHAVEZ - I will post your comments for our classes Thank you!
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    Srta. Mangione a Social Studies

    Would anyone like to skype with 7th or 8th grade students from NY? Please let me know! Thanks!
    18 oct, 2011 | Comentar | Etiquetar | Más
    Srta. CHAVEZ - We would love to skype with your 7th graders, we are talking about traditions in our culture and other cultures too, around Halloween and Dia de Muertos day.
    We can talk about it in our skype chat, what do you think?
    If you want to check this link, kids can discuss around it. Please feel free to post comments too.
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    Srta. Mangione - Hi Ms. Chavez,
    Let's talk! My email is Let me know when you're available and we can set up a plan! The blog looks great!
    18 oct, 2011
    Srta. Frazier - Would LOVE to Skype with your 8th graders! I teach Social Studies and would love to do a debate or discussion about the Constitution. Any interest?
    18 oct, 2011
    Srta. Mangione - Yes, definitely!! Send me an email and we'll plan out the details! Thanks!

    Sra. Nelson - I wasn't able to figure out the best place to post on your blog, but you can share this with your students!
    I lived in the Marshall Islands for a year. During Halloween, the kids would go trick-or-treating. But instead of saying "trick or treat," they would sing these words to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down"
    Happy, happy Halloween
    Happy, happy Halloween
    We Want Candy! (or - Give Us Candy!)
    19 oct, 2011