martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

The layers of the Earth

The earth is divided in three layers:

CRUST.- The outer layer on which we walk. Is made of rock. It is divided in pieces called TECTONIC PLATES. There are two kind the land called Continental crust and the water called Oceanic crust.

MANTLE.- Is the middle layer and the thickest one. Is made of hot rock.

CORE.- It is the center of the Earth. Is a metallic ball made mostly of iron, with some nickel. It is made up of two parts: the Outer Core that is liquid and the Inner Core that is solid.


1.-If we start digging a hole in a park can we get to the mantle? Why or why not?

2.- What is a volcano? In which layer does volcanoes form?

3.- What causes the earthquakes and volcano activity?

4.- Can we see the core from the space? Why or why not?

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  1. 2 whith rock hot 3 destroy houses 4 because not are truue

  2. 1.-Yes,because is the nearest cap.

    2.-Is the earth rise.In the crust.

    3.-the movement of the earth.

    4.-yes,because is the upest one

  3. 1.- yes because we are digging very dip
    2.-is the rise ofthe world it comes from the crust
    3.-it makes a muvement in the earth
    4.-yes becauseis very high

  4. 1.- yes becausethe mantle is moveing

    2.- a space have magna and the crust make a explocion

    3.- the crust move and the volcano actived buth the crust move

    4.- no buth the core is in the center

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  6. see the mantle
    2.mountain to expulsate lava in crust
    3.move the mantle because is the crust

  7. 1. No because it is made of hot rock.

    2. It is like a mountain that produces lava, and they are formed in the manttle.

    3. The movement and joining of the Tectonic Plates

    4. No, becasue it is not transparent