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Write 5 sentences idenify the subjet and the predicate 

1.- My brother play baseball in the park
       Subjet.      Verb.   Predicate

2.- My mother make a big cake for my birthday.
        Subjet.      Verb.    Predicate

3.- My dad  works every day at his office.
       Subjet.   Verb.   Predicate

4.- Yesterday we went to the cinema 
       Subjet.            Verb.    Predicate

5.- I will make a nice trip  in my next  vacations ! 
    Subjet verb.   Predicate


1.- The solar sistem is very interesting.
      Subject.            Verb.    Predicate

2.- Jupiter is a very large planet.
       Sujet.         Predicate

3.-  The sun give us ligth ans warm to our planet.
        Subjet.   Verb.     Predicate.    

4.- In our solar sistem dosen't have black holes.
                Subjet.        Verb.     Predicate

5.- The moon is the earth satellite.
         Subjet.    Verb.      Predicate 

Sebastian flores bocanegra 

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