lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Reading Power “The One And Only Ivan"


First Chapter 

1.The tv of Ivan the gorilla never wasn't turn on.

2.Ivan the gorilla likes to watch cartoons,romance movies and western movies.

3.Bob the dog likes to watch professional bowling,romance movies and tv commercials of cat food.

4.Ivan watch the nature show and he saw another gorrilla.

5.Ivan though that he and the gorilla from the tv where the 2 ones in all the world.

Second Chapter

1.Stella is an elephant that was living in a circus.

2.Stella's leg was broken because in the circus she did a bad move and she fall.

3.Stellas remember she's past in the childhood.

4.Stellas was the biggest from Bob and Ivan.

5.The human though that Stella can't do anything because she is old.

Done by: Sofía Oscoy Garzón and Regina Gregorio Basurto

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