lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

The one and only Ivan

                                                The one and only  Iván 

1. Stella is big and Ivan thing that is small.
2.In the tv Ivan watch the cartoons,the movies of the east,Ivan and his dog friend.
3.Stella remember that one traitor hit with Bol and Stella and the man flew 
4.Ivan saw his reflect on the tv 
5. Ivan thing that the people think that is old because she has a lot of time in the mall

1. The leg of Stella is infected
2.Ivan's is exited to see in the T.V. an other gorilla 
3.Estella remember when she was a little elephant
4.the trunk of Stella is big.
5.the trunk of Stella is fat. 
Alexia A.A and Ximena R.G

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