domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Tuna Research

The Tuna can fish in Japan,Corea and in the United States.

The best months for fidh Tuna are June,July and August.

If we fish in excess the tuna it could be a impact in the ambiental media.

Japan,Chile,China and Brasil import a lot of Tuna.

Mexico and the United States export a lot of Tuna.

Venezuela and Mexico eat a lot of Tuna.

It's good eat Tuna because it has Omega-3 and it's bad because it advantage cholesterol.
The nutritional value of the Tuna is:

Water 68.09g 
Protein 23.33g  
Lipids 4.9g
Ash 1.18g 
Carbohydrates 0g

Fresh Tuna : Minerals 

Calcium 8 mg 
Iron 1.02mg
Magnesiun 50mg
Phophorus  254mg
Potassium 252mg 
Sodium 39mg 
Zinc 0.6mg 
Cooper 0.086mg  
Magnese 0.015
Selenium 0.g

The “croquetas de atún",“pastel de atún" and “ensalada de atún" are made whith Tuna.

The value of the tuna in can is: $8.90 (in Mexico) 45 bol. (in Venezuela) 17 dollars (in Paraguay)

The value of the tuna in kilo: $200.50 (in Mexico) 358 bol. (in Venezuela) 325 dollars (in Paraguay)

The Tuna is a delicios fish,we can eat it in all kind of plates and we can find it in all the countries.

Regina Gregorio Basurto

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